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Designing Precise Strategies

Prescient Advisory helps biopharmaceutical companies create clinical and commercial strategies that deliver differentiated and valuable brands.

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Our Strategic Advisory Services

Our team offers expert strategic advisory services

We target those areas of product and portfolio strategy that maximize the long-term value of products and portfolios.

Disease Area

Creating a long-term and integrated vision of the therapeutic area requires effective upstream cross-functional collaboration between the R&D, medical and commercial teams.

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Providing medical and scientific context to the overall design and management of the portfolio is critical and requires the medical team to play a lead role.

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Providing medical and scientific context to the overall design and management of the portfolio is critical and requires the medical team to play a lead role.

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We bring expertise, experience and evidence together to help you
co-create winning strategies

More than 85% of Advisory team members hold PhDs, MDs or PharmDs, ensuring we understand your molecule and its potential from Day 1.

We have the expertise and experience required to plot an optimal clinical and commercial path to value for your molecule.

We have access to therapeutic and functional subject matter experts among our teams, providing gravitas and capacity.

30% of our product partnerships are pre Phase III, 40% Phase III to launch and 30% in market.

We provide the flexibility and credibility required to partner with product teams as they turn a molecule into an asset and an asset into a brand.

We continuously update the future scenario to assess if the value proposition and strategy will resonate and differentiate or if enhancements are required.

Our expertise in evidence-based scenario planning allows us to identify which strategic CSFs you must execute on.

We offer a wealth of relevant experience coupled with high levels of creativity, allowing us to develop a range of viable options for you to assess.

We have the functional expertise required to help you optimize the execution and maximize the results of the option you selected.

Our in-depth knowledge of disease area trends, market dynamics and competitor strategies means your decisions are based on facts, not assumptions.

We provide global coverage from our offices in the US, EU and Asia, ensuring your value proposition and strategy embrace the nuances of each market.

We have access to continuous competitor and market insight through our Intelligence & Insight business and analytics center.

Our Team and Way of Working

We have seasoned veterans of the biopharma strategy consulting space who all share a passion for science

Every member of our team combines scientific expertise with commercial savviness, biopharmaceutical experience with core consultancy skills. We understand what it takes to maximize the clinical potential of molecules for the greatest value realization.

About Us

Dr. Debasish Talukdar

President, Advisory

Kevin Baruzzi

Managing Director

Katy Chun


Peter Donachie


Dr. Haroon Khan

Associate Director

Dr. Arun R. Shrivats


Dr. Nick Turner

Senior Director

We help you design precise strategies 

We help biopharmaceutical clients create clinical and commercial strategies that deliver differentiated and valuable brands. We support the development and execution of asset strategy and brand plans by framing the sweet spot for your product, shaping your strategic decision making and activating your functional and regional strategies.


Harness the value of the Advisory team’s expertise and experience


Prescient Advisory partners with you to put strategy back into your product strategy

We combine biopharma expertise, deep market insight and design thinking to maximize the value of your molecule. We help define where to play, how to shape your strategy and how to execute your plans.

Defining where you should

Optimize your value proposition

The biggest market opportunities usually exist in hypercompetitive spaces. Carefully choosing your battlegrounds through a targeted, in-depth and nuanced situation analysis is critical to success. We help assess where your asset or brand can succeed.

Your greatest opportunities and biggest threats could be hiding in the blind spots, clouded by bias or simply ignored.

Shaping your

Gain confidence in your chosen strategy

As the owner of your product’s strategy, you have a journey to navigate, decisions to make and obstacles to overcome. We optimize your decision making at key milestones throughout the product life cycle, helping you shape a dynamic strategy that delivers on your vision and goals.

Your decision making will be the biggest differentiating factor in your product’s success.

Designing a roadmap to execute your plans

Maximize your product’s potential

You need a smart plan to help allocate resources to optimally deliver strategy. We provide the framework, analytics, insight and creativity to ensure a complex process is made simple and the deployment of your team and budget is optimized.

Your plans must align, steer and inspire all appropriate functions across the relevant geographies.

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