Prescient Advisory

Putting the strategy back into your product strategy.

Product strategy has become a playbook. Too often, clinical development, new product planning and global marketing teams are expected to follow patterns of thinking modeled on repetitive activities and existing knowledge. This prevents them from developing new ways of seeing, understanding and addressing issues specific to their product and its market.

Prescient Advisory partners with you to put strategy back into your product strategy. We combine biopharma expertise, deep market insight and design thinking to maximize the value of your molecule. We help define where to play, how to shape your strategy and how to execute your plans.

Our Team

Our team brings evidence, ideas and experts together. We define success and relentlessly pursue it, use evidence to form the foundations of our thinking, ideate to challenge the status quo and frame potential options, and channel cross-functional expertise to realize the potential of our clients’ brands. We are not here to make your decisions for you, but rather to inform, challenge and advise through insight, subject matter expertise and design thinking. We impart knowledge, ignite inspiration, foster alignment and build confidence. We deliver optimal solutions to critical questions across the life cycle of your product:  


Clinical Strategy

Have we optimally balanced our portfolio to achieve our therapy area goals?

Where will our molecule have a right to win and why?

What value will we need to demonstrate to optimally resonate and differentiate at launch?

What market dynamics do we need to consider when developing our clinical strategy?

How do we maximize the attractiveness of our molecule or platform to potential investors?

What cross-functional needs must we consider when developing our early commercial strategy?

How do we balance the trade-off between maximizing revenue, expediting time to market and minimizing risk?

What do we need to understand when making our Phase III go/no-go decision?

Launch Strategy

How do we maximize the impact of our value proposition?

How should we position our brand to maximize early access and uptake?

What key claims should form the foundations of our messaging strategy?

What functional strategies are required to support our core positioning and messaging?

What should our go-to-market strategies look like in the key launch markets?

Are our key affiliate teams aligned and inspired by the global launch plan?

How prepared are we for launch and are we progressing to plan?

How will we measure the success of our launch strategy, enabling us to react accordingly?

Brand Planning


How is our brand performing and what is the reasoning?

How has the situational analysis changed and is our brand strategy still relevant?

Are there any new growth drivers we should be targeting?

Have we anticipated changes in competitive threat and do we understand how to optimally compete?

Is our stakeholder messaging resonating and achieving the desired traction?

Are we being objective and evidence-based in our decision making to start/stop/continue investment?

Are we providing our affiliates with the required resources and support to plan effectively?

Have we mapped a functionally and regionally aligned long-term path to value?

Mature Brand Planning

When are we likely to experience generic or biosimilar threat in our key markets?

What value propositions and commercial models will we need to compete against?

How will the markets react to the availability of generics or biosimilars and what are the implications?

What can we do to enhance our value proposition to maximize our momentum prior to LOE?

How will our commercial model, skillset and mindset need to change to compete in tenders and contracts?

How do we ensure our affiliates have the required confidence to keep investing in our mature brand?

How do we ensure our decreasing budget and resources are optimally deployed?

The Value We Deliver

Defining where you should play.

We help assess where your asset or brand has a right to win, providing confidence in your strategic vision and a clearly defined set of factors that will optimize long-term clinical and commercial success.

Giving you confidence in your chosen strategy.

We optimize your decision making at key milestones throughout the product life cycle, helping you shape a dynamic strategy that delivers on your vision and goals.

Designing a roadmap to execute your plans.

We provide an ongoing objective assessment, throughout the planning cycle, on how effectively your plan is performing versus a pre-agreed set of KPIs.


We bring evidence, ideas and experts together to co-create winning strategies.