Prescient Intelligence & Insight

Developing and commercializing a drug is not a static process.

An asset or brand requires ongoing decision support from early Phase II through to the end of its life cycle. Biopharmaceutical companies are continuously required to make decisions based on current conditions and an uncertain future; we provide clarity on both. We focus not only on those events clients can plan for, but also predict and respond to those they cannot.

Eliminating blind spots, embracing best practice and maximizing foresight.

Competitive intelligence and insight leads partner with us to ensure they can offer enhanced decision support to their portfolio and product teams, resulting in their assets and brands being optimally positioned versus the competition.

Our Team

Members of our specialist teams serve as experts who support your decision making by providing timely and in-depth insight into how changes in competitor activities, market dynamics and stakeholder behavior may affect the strategy or performance of your asset, brand or portfolio. We deliver this highly valued partnership through the following customized solutions:

Competitive Landscape Assessments

Profiling how the therapeutic landscape will evolve over a set period of time and analyzing the resulting opportunities and threats

Competitor Profiling

Enabling you to learn from and respond to your competitors’ clinical development and commercialization strategies

Intelligence Monitoring Programs

Providing ongoing competitor and market insight so you can effectively prepare for internal decisions and external catalysts

Competitor Threat Assessments

Maintaining an evidence-based threat assessment of all products that currently or will compete with your asset, brand or portfolio and analyzing how the threat can be minimized

Current Situation Analysis

Analyzing changes to your competitive and market situation and assessing the potential impact on your strategy

Product and Portfolio Benchmarking

Offering insight into specific areas of competitors’ therapy area strategy, ensuring you optimize your investments

Catalyst and Disruptor Planning

Preparing you to respond effectively to any catalysts or disruptors that may affect your product’s strategy or performance

The Value We Deliver

You need an expert intelligence-gathering partner who has the disease area, functional and market expertise required to develop impactful insight. You want to work with a team that knows your product, your strategy and the kinds of decisions you support. A true partner who is proactive and invests time and thought in understanding you and your specific needs.

You expect intelligence that delivers confidence in the insight. An exceptional network of key external experts and respondents. A robustness of analysis and clarity of presentation. Global coverage and the capacity and stability to scale your relationship.


You know your brand. We know the market. Our shared insights generate powerful results.