Strategic Market Access Expertise

Our strategic market access specialists ensure our clients develop and communicate a differentiated value proposition that resonates with payers and warrants rapid and expansive access. Our role involves identifying access endpoints, mapping and navigating reimbursement landscapes, creating payer insight and pricing strategies, designing patient access programs, developing and communicating value messages and health economic benefits and devising tendering and contracting strategies. Traditional market access consultancies, on the other hand, are limited to developing value dossiers and health economic models.


  1. Does the asset have the potential to demonstrate sufficient clinical value versus the standard of care to benefit from high levels of advocacy within the payer community?
  2. What target product profile will optimally balance expediency and robustness while developing strong payer engagement within the key launch markets?
  3. What positioning strategy, within the confines of the draft label, will drive maximum uptake in the key launch markets while achieving a favorable reimbursement outcome?
  4. What are the nuances of the buying process within the key launch markets, and how can affiliates maximize the brand’s pricing, reimbursement and access?
  5. What opportunities are available for global and affiliate teams to maximize the value proposition of mature brands, thus ensuring these brands remain as treatment options in genericized tendering and contracting environments?