Make the most of strategic insight with InflexionRx.

Powering our Intelligence Monitoring Programs, this proprietary software platform provides a new way of engaging with intelligence and insight, while using best practices to drive superior decision making. Configurable to fit your specific needs, InflexionRx is a seamless integration of information to intelligence and intelligence to insight.

Flexible and insightful—for better, more strategic decisions.

With InflexionRx, you can develop, visualize and download the precise analysis needed for a wide range of scenarios. Our secure cloud-based platform can be accessed by authorized members of your team wherever they are.

Access the benefits of InflexionRx, without sacrificing the flexibility of scope and direction. InflexionRx can be adjusted to accommodate any topics and questions of interest to your product team.

Dynamic and Real-Time

Access to timely, personalized and dynamic insights and analyses provided by our consulting team.

Transparent and Knowledge Based

Continuous support to inform decisions and a clear linkage from intelligence to insights to implications.


Opportunity to rapidly access and share intelligence and insights across your brand team and key stakeholder groups.


User-friendly dashboards with customizable and editable PowerPoint outputs.

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Developing and commercializing a drug is not a static process.

An asset or brand requires ongoing decision support from early Phase II through to the end of its life cycle. Biopharmaceutical companies are continuously required to make decisions based on current conditions and an uncertain future; we provide clarity on both. We focus not only on those events clients can plan for, but also predict and respond to those they cannot.

Eliminating blind spots, embracing best practice and maximizing foresight.

Competitive intelligence and insight leads partner with us to ensure they can offer enhanced decision support to their portfolio and product teams, resulting in their assets and brands being optimally positioned versus the competition.