New Paradigms in the Treatment of Breast Cancer

By: Nick Turner, PhD and Paula Palacios Fernandez, MScBreast cancer is the most common cancer in women with more than 2.1 million new cases diagnosed in 2018. And with more than 600,000 deaths in 2018, it is the second-leading cause of cancer deaths in women worldwide (WHO). Advances have been made across all stages and sub-types of the disease and provide hope for improved treatment options, lower rates of relapse and better survival outcomes. The development of agents against novel molecular targets, including inhibitors of PARP, CDK4/6, PI3K and immune checkpoints, offers treatment options for patients with previously poor prognoses and treatment-resistant disease. We describe some recent  developments below.

CAR-T: Advancing the Path for Clinical and Commercial Success

By: Ben Doran, Stuart Crichton, Ben Druck and Vasiliki Patsioura.The Prescient team has prepared a white paper discussing our view on the recent advances in the CAR-T landscape. In this paper, we do not focus on the already well-documented challenges, but rather present our view on the recent advances in the relatively short period of time since the first regulatory approvals. Industry and academia appear to be making significant strides in simplifying manufacturing and administration processes, expanding clinical utility and enabling access for patients. These advances can be summarized as follows:

Early Mortality Risk in Trials of Checkpoint Inhibitors

By: Nick Turner, PhDA largely glossed-over finding from active-controlled trials of checkpoint inhibitors in solid tumors is the delayed crossover of Kaplan-Meier (K-M) survival curves, consistent with increased risk of disease progression and mortality early in checkpoint inhibitor immunotherapy (CPI). This raises the heretical proposition that CPI monotherapy may have a detrimental effect on progression and survival, early in treatment, relative to chemotherapy, in a significant number of patients.

Strategic Brand Planning: Winning by Resource Optimization

Our client was a global biopharmaceutical company with a market-leading brand more than 20 years’ old. It came under intense pricing pressure due to generic entries from companies known to play primarily on price.

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