Mature Brand Planning: Specialty Product Late Life Cycle Management Strategy

Our global pharmaceutical client had a product whose patent was expiring within a year. The client wanted to understand the potential impact of generic competition on its brand in key revenue markets. Prescient was engaged to develop tactics to defend market share in these markets by:

Net Present Value: Assessing Opportunities for Indication Expansion

Our client, a European specialty pharmaceutical company, was considering an expansion of indications within its target therapeutic group via licensing and acquiring products that were in clinical development, soon-to-be-launched or already marketed.

Commercial Opportunity Assessment: Revenue Forecasting for a Specialty Product

Our global pharmaceutical client was developing a suite of biosimilars that it intended to commercialize in several Latin American countries. The client engaged Prescient to investigate regulatory, pricing, reimbursement and purchasing models to generate volume and revenue forecasts (through 2025) and quantify the market opportunity for the biosimilars in these countries.

Phase III Decision Support: Evidence-Based and Objective Risk Assessment

Our client, a global pharmaceutical company, sought to decide whether to progress two internal assets into Phase III development based on the Phase II data. The client engaged Prescient to: 1) perform an in-depth assessment of the Phase II data and comparative analyses with in-line and pipeline competitor products; 2) evaluate the potential changes in the regulatory requirements; 3) analyze the impact of the potential entry of biosimilars and their ability to disrupt the marketplace; and 4) help develop an overarching Phase III design consideration, including endpoints and patient population.

Asset Attractiveness Assessment: Licensing Due Diligence of an Asset in Development for a Rare Disease

Our client, a global specialty pharmaceutical company, was seeking to evaluate the clinical and commercial attractiveness of a potential licensing agreement for a rare disease asset in development. Prescient was commissioned by the company’s business development and licensing group to perform due diligence and determine the market attractiveness of the target asset that would be marketed in a major geographic region.