CAR-T: Advancing the Path for Clinical and Commercial Success

By: Ben Doran, Stuart Crichton, Ben Druck and Vasiliki Patsioura.The Prescient team has prepared a white paper discussing our view on the recent advances in the CAR-T landscape. In this paper, we do not focus on the already well-documented challenges, but rather present our view on the recent advances in the relatively short period of time since the first regulatory approvals. Industry and academia appear to be making significant strides in simplifying manufacturing and administration processes, expanding clinical utility and enabling access for patients. These advances can be summarized as follows:

Net Present Value: Assessing Opportunities for Indication Expansion

Our client, a European specialty pharmaceutical company, was considering an expansion of indications within its target therapeutic group via licensing and acquiring products that were in clinical development, soon-to-be-launched or already marketed.

Prescient and the GDPR: Your Data Are Safe with Us

By: Mackie Adoniadis Prescient is committed to respecting our clients’ privacy and personal data. Over the past few months, we have audited the personal data we hold and reviewed the processes we use. We are busy making changes to our systems and policies to incorporate the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) standards as they relate to our business.

Clarity for the Developing NASH Market Is Imminent

By: Tanya Casimiro, PhDAs the first Phase III data in non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) begin to be released, the next 12 months will prove crucial to understanding which drivers will shape the NASH market. Key questions of interest to stakeholders will be answered, such as:

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