CAR-T: Advancing the Path for Clinical and Commercial Success

By: Ben Doran, Stuart Crichton, Ben Druck and Vasiliki Patsioura.The Prescient team has prepared a white paper discussing our view on the recent advances in the CAR-T landscape. In this paper, we do not focus on the already well-documented challenges, but rather present our view on the recent advances in the relatively short period of time since the first regulatory approvals. Industry and academia appear to be making significant strides in simplifying manufacturing and administration processes, expanding clinical utility and enabling access for patients. These advances can be summarized as follows:

Strategic Brand Planning: Winning by Resource Optimization

Our client was a global biopharmaceutical company with a market-leading brand more than 20 years’ old. It came under intense pricing pressure due to generic entries from companies known to play primarily on price.

Redefining Access to Novel Cancer Therapies: Exploring Country-Specific Health Policy Changes

By: Vasiliki Patsioura, MScAccess to cancer therapies is a part of every country’s health policy agenda; it, however, is not guaranteed to the entire clinically eligible population. In the last five years, the market access landscape for cancer therapies has changed significantly with the addition of more treatment options, mainly immunotherapies. High-priced immune checkpoint inhibitors, a new class of anticancer drugs, have shown remarkable promise in the treatment of different cancer types such as melanoma, liver and lung cancers among others. The innovators of immune checkpoint inhibitors have often been asked to share the risk with governments for providing these high-cost therapies. In Italy, for example, offering discounts of up to 50% for cancer drugs is a common practice; governments have had to make essential policy changes, affecting the reimbursement of cancer drugs, to address the financial pressure for funding novel cancer therapies.

Key Trends Shaping the US Market Access Landscape

By: Ben DruckThe US healthcare system has been facing great uncertainty, with ongoing challenges to the sustainability of the Affordable Care Act and converging industry pressures on pharmaceutical drug pricing. At Prescient Healthcare Group, our healthcare experts are closely monitoring developments in managed care and health policy, and have observed three key trends influencing the US market access landscape in 2018.

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