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Every day through science, you and your team create innovative therapies that have the potential to change lives. But to do so, you have a journey to navigate. Decisions to make. Obstacles to overcome. You need a specialist partner who can help you map the future, understand the potential of your molecule and assess your options.


The biggest differentiating factor in your product’s success

We provide dynamic strategic planning and decision support to asset and portfolio teams from early development through to loss of exclusivity. Our two specialized businesses, Prescient Advisory and Prescient Intelligence & Insight, work independently or collaboratively depending on your needs:

Prescient Advisory

Designing Precise Strategies

Biopharma advisory firm specializing in delivering strategic optionality that helps shape medical, disease area and brand strategies, ensuring clients gain a competitive advantage and the long-term value of their products and portfolios is maximized.

Key areas of expertise and experience brought by the team include:

  • Top tier strategic thinking and problem solving
  • Expertise in medical, disease area and brand strategies
  • Advanced analytics
  • Scenario planning and strategy workshops
  • Quantitative modeling and forecasting

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Prescient Intelligence & Insight

Shaping Confident Decisions

Specialist biopharma intelligence firm focused on helping product and portfolio teams understand both the evolving strategies of their competitors and the changing dynamics of key patient segments and geographical markets.

Key areas of expertise and experience brought by the team include:

  • Deep disease area and scientific expertise
  • Primary elicitation, secondary data analytics and interviewing
  • Conference coverage
  • Competitor threat and market opportunity assessments
  • Competitor simulation workshops

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