Gender equality, diversity and inclusion

Standing for gender equality and diversity in all its forms

We continue to build on our gender equality, diversity and inclusion by providing initiatives that support diverse groups within the organization.

Our goal is to demonstrate that we stand for gender equality and diversity in all its forms and to create an inclusive working environment, with a zero-tolerance approach to discrimination of any kind. We continue to build on our gender equality, diversity, and inclusion by providing initiatives that support diverse groups within the organization. We make sure that any instances of non-inclusive behavior are acted upon quickly and decisively. We also look to eliminate bias and prejudice. Our recruitment processes are constantly monitored to ensure that we are following best practices, regarding gender equality, diversity and inclusion.

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Our Rainbow initiative is one of several special focus areas that fall under our ESG Program. Rainbow provides a forum where members of the LGBTQIA+ community come together for support and to connect.

“The Rainbow initiative exists to provide a welcoming space for all LGBTQIA+ colleagues to meet, socialize and support each other in the workplace. We work with Prescient leadership to promote equity, diversity, and inclusivity in all facets of the company's overall culture by offering a range of events and awareness campaigns throughout the year.”
Dr. Laura Darnieder
Associate Director, Rainbow Sponsor

Women in Leadership

We are passionate about ensuring that everyone at Prescient can meet their potential. As in many industries, there is a need to focus on strengthening the diversity in our senior leadership group. Our Women in Leadership initiative is designed to provide support and sponsorship for our current and future female leaders by providing resources and tools to help build confidence and competencies across different areas, where individuals can find a leadership style and a career approach that works for them. The agenda is driven by our female cohorts with the principle of ‘sisters doing it for themselves’.

"Our initiative seeks to equip women with the skills and tools to succeed. This includes how to demonstrate their value and remain visible as high performers while maintaining a balance between work and personal life."
Christina Maffei
Global Head of Marketing

Listen to some of our female leaders’ insights into Prescient’s Women in Leadership initiative.

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Part of our support includes quarterly 'Women in Leadership' events, which are held across our geographies. Each event is led by different female cohorts who are empowered to lead the event and drive the agenda for their geography. These events are a great way for our female leaders to connect, discuss the challenges that are unique to women, seize opportunities, and come up with ideas and solutions that help drive change at personal, professional and organizational levels.

Topics have included:

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Family@Prescient Initiative​

We know that many of our people have responsibilities caring both for children and other family members or partners who may need additional support. We know how finding the right balance between work and life can be a challenge at times, so we are launching a new support group, Family@Prescient to provide support and explore the complex issues surrounding managing family responsibilities. Our goal is to share ideas and provide empathy and support, as well as provide ideas and insights to the Prescient leadership team on how we can do better. ​

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