Good health and well-being

Championing health and well-being for our people to thrive

Our goal is to ensure good health and well-being in the workplace making sure our teams feel their mental health and well-being are supported.

We know that the consulting industry can be intense, but we want our culture to stand out from other companies. We continue to evolve our development resources to help our people focus on their health and well-being, and we are committed to running office activities that foster connection and fun!

We also encourage healthy pursuits, such as the recent launch of our cycle-to-work program in the UK, which supports not only physical health but also our aim to promote more green commuting options. To help maintain a healthy work-life balance, we monitor excessive working hours and intervene where work-life balance is compromised, and we actively urge anyone who is struggling to reach out for support. Mental health is a topic we should all be talking about, and we want all employees to feel that their mental health is supported.

One of the ways we assist is by providing access to counseling and mental health support resources either internally or from external counselors through our confidential employee assistance programs. We also regularly undertake health and safety risk assessments across our offices and run annual refresher sessions for our teams to ensure that health and safety issues are minimized and that we maintain a safe and welcoming work environment.

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