Lifelong learning and development

Developing our people is a strategic priority

Our goal is to create a culture of lifelong learning and development that enables team members to evolve and grow their skills and take advantage of career mobility.

Developing our people is a strategic priority and our vision is to empower people to fulfill their potential, enable them to achieve success and inspire them to greatness. We are heavily investing in a world-class Learning & Development (L&D) Academy that will elevate the capabilities of our people to be a dynamic planning partner for pharma. Applying a 49% / 51 % principle, with the onus on the individual to own his or her development, the L&D team is the custodian of the Prescient Academy, housed on a digital platform where everyone is encouraged to take full advantage of the wide range of learning opportunities available.

"It is so exciting to be leading the L&D team as we embed a culture of continuous learning. Developing people is regarded as one of the strategic levers to help Prescient achieve its ambitious growth objectives and enable us to deliver the very best solutions to our clients. I am proud of the work my team is doing, in collaboration with business leaders and subject matter experts across the firm. The program we are building will ensure our people have the skills to perform at their very best and accelerate the performance of new joiners."
Diane Whelan
Head of Learning

Prescient Academy content covers three stages of of need:

Introductory – Which skills do I need to learn to accelerate my speed to performance?

Practitioner – How can I deepen and broaden my skills, knowledge and experience?

Expert – I am thinking of promotion. What skills, knowledge and experience do I need to make a smooth transition to the next level?

This reflects our philosophy that career development is more akin to climbing steps than traversing a straight line, ensuring we achieve mastery at one level before moving to another.

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