Prescient’s Proprietary Software Platform

Empowering our clients’ decision making by bringing insight to life

Our InflexionRx vision:
Prescient’s goal is to create a single location where data and thought can be combined to highlight the threats and opportunities that competitors and markets pose to your brand strategy.

InflexionRx ensures that your clinical development and commercialization strategies are enhanced through evidence-based insights and design thinking by:

  • Ensuring clinical development and commercialization strategies are developed through evidence-based thinking
  • Developing and embedding industry-wide best practices that maximize the strategic value of CI
  • Maximizing the efficiency of intelligence collection and insight generation so that CI managers and agencies can focus on high-priority activities
  • Empowering global CI teams to provide all functions and regions within their organization with access to current competitor and market insights
  • Enabling different stakeholders involved in the development and commercialization process to analyze and package CI so it is aligned with their specific needs
  • Developing institutional brand knowledge that is not dependent on the continuity of the product team and can be used to support decisions throughout the life cycle

With InflexionRx, you can develop, visualize and download the precise analyses needed for a wide range of scenarios. Our secure cloud-based platform can be accessed by authorized members of your team wherever they are.
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