Prescient Advisory Careers

Turn your experience into a valuable career with Prescient Advisory.

Working with Prescient Advisory, you will help biopharmaceutical clients create clinial and commercial strategies that deliver differentiated and valuable brands. We partner with clients to put the strategy back into product strategy.

As a member of our Advisory team, you will bring evidence, ideas and expertise together. We define success and relentlessly pursue it, use evidence to form the foundations of our thinking, ideate to challenge the status quo and frame potential options, and channel cross-functional expertise to realize the potential of our clients’ brands. Our teams combine scientific expertise with commercial savviness, biopharmaceutical experience with core consultancy skills.

You will help define where clients should play: 
The biggest market opportunities usually exist in hypercompetitive spaces, and mapping the potential future landscape represents the bedrock of strategy. Working in our Advisory team, you will help assess where clients’ assets or brands have a right to win, providing confidence in their strategic vision and a clearly defined set of factors that will optimize long-term clinical and commercial success.

You will promote our clients’ confident decision making: 
Decision making is the biggest differentiating factor in the success of our clients’ products. Working in our Advisory team, you will help optimize our clients’ decision making at key milestones throughout their product life cycle, shaping a dynamic strategy that delivers on their goals. By combining scenario planning, best practices benchmarking and design thinking, you will help ensure their strategy is built on insights.

You will design roadmaps to help clients execute their plans: 
A smart plan helps allocate resources to optimally deliver strategy. You will help clients develop plans
to align, steer and inspire all relevant functions and geographies. You will provide the framework, analytics, insight and creativity to ensure a complex process is made simple and the deployment of the client’s team and budget is optimized. We condense information about trends, perceptions and agendas into a concise yet impactful path to value, framing the key start/stop/ continue investment decisions to be made.
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