Brand Strategy and Planning: Annual Brand Planning

Prescient conducted a situational analysis of the immunology market to identify high-impact trends and evolving HCP prescribing behaviors to inform and update our client’s brand strategy.

  • Client Situation
    The client, a global life science company, sought to understand the evolving trends and HCP prescribing behaviors in the immunology market in order to inform and update its brand strategy.
  • Prescient’s Approach
    Through secondary research and internal insights and data, Prescient identified how market trends and HCP prescribing behaviors had changed over the past two years.

    With an additional analysis of prescription chart audit data, ATU surveys and a thorough audit of available market research, Prescient helped the client understand how recent entrants in the immunology market had changed the treatment paradigm and how patients were segmented, as well as the expected trends in the future years.

    Based on these trends, Prescient identified possible future sources of growth and evolving patient segments, which informed segment-specific strategies to drive adoption of our client’s treatment.

    Prescient organized and led a cross-functional workshop to create alignment on the current situation and forward-looking priorities.
  • Results and Solutions
    Through this engagement, Prescient elucidated key market trends and emerging patient segments, which informed our client’s strategy to capture new patients and develop its brand.

    Prescient’s insights helped guide the focus for a major brand campaign launched by the client that year.

Prescient’s analysis identified evolving HCP prescribing behaviors, key immunology market growth drivers and opportunities to inform and update our client’s brand strategy.

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