Brand Strategy and Planning: Commercial Optimization

Prescient developed a five-year forecast of potential cellular therapy patients to guide our client’s treatment center qualification strategy.

  • Client Situation
    The client, a leader in cellular therapies, was evaluating its investment in cellular therapy center qualifications.

    The client was uncertain that an appropriate capacity for cellular therapy existed in the qualified centers. Through market and industry insights, the client sought to determine whether the cost and time investment in qualification would attain an appropriate ROI.
  • Prescient’s Approach
    Prescient conducted comprehensive secondary research, including reviews of clinical trial databases, publications and analyst reports, to develop assumptions regarding which competitors would be present in the cellular therapy market over the next five years.

    Treatment centers for cellular therapies were identified and grouped into archetypes based on their characteristics and the likely number of patients they would treat.

    Prescient conducted interviews with opinion leaders to obtain insights into the current and future assumptions regarding center infrastructures (the number of stem cell transplant (SCT) and ICU beds), current treatment protocols and bed burden for both cellular therapy and other competing therapies that would be administered in the ICU.

    Prescient developed a quantitative model and tool that rolled up various assumptions into a multi-year capacity forecast and toggled for various scenarios.
  • Results and Solutions
    Based on opinion leaders’ insights, the project outcome helped the client understand if the capacity roll-out was sufficient to meet demand at the country level.

    We generated a tool for the client to help build the business case for new center qualifications in new markets over the next five years.

Prescient’s analysis helped develop a five-year forecast of potential cellular therapy patients that the leadership team would use as a key tool to estimate ROI and inform the company’s center qualification strategy.

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