Brand Strategy and Planning: Opportunity Assessment


Client Situation

The client, a large pharmaceutical company, sought to identify the most attractive market segments for market entry (“where to play”) and develop the necessary go-to-market strategies to ensure success (“how to win”).


Prescient’s Approach

Prescient developed a market map to clearly identify the patient segments in the disease area of interest.

During the deep-dive analysis, Prescient defined the characteristics for each segment and identified the drivers and barriers for treatment adoption.

Based on the drivers and barriers identified, Prescient recommended strategies for our client to optimize its commercial success in each segment.

After analyzing the hurdles and upsides in each segment, an overall opportunity attractiveness rating was generated for each scenario, which informed our client’s go-to-market strategies.


Results and Solutions

Prescient assessed opportunities to inform the client’s decision making regarding the right path forward across the patient segments of potential interest.

For prioritized segments, Prescient highlighted the key factors influencing product launches and developed recommendations for key strategic and tactical (e.g., resource allocation) decisions.


Prescient’s analysis prioritized the segments with the greatest opportunities for our client and informed its go-to-market strategies to ensure commercial success.

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