Medical Strategy and Planning: Benchmarking

Prescient conducted an in-depth analysis of competitor global medical affairs teams to understand best practices in the industry.

  • Client Situation
    The client, a big pharma company, sought to better understand industry benchmarks across medical affairs organizations in order to assess the resourcing of its own organization.
  • Prescient’s Approach
    Prescient developed detailed benchmarks across a set of carefully selected parameters and chosen competitors based on a thorough search of LinkedIn profiles, job posts, analyst reports and company investor presentations. These helped identify organizing principles of competitor global medical affairs team and quantitative benchmarks on size and structure against which to compare the client’s team size and structure.

    Interviews were carried out with market experts to deepen insights into scale, structure and remit of key competing global medical affairs teams, as well as to gain an understanding of best practices in the industry and the relationship between team requirements and portfolio sizes.

    An in-depth analysis was conducted to understand existing correlations between the asset revenues and approval history to the scale and structure of global medical affairs organizations.

    A quantitative tool was developed to estimate appropriate resourcing levels based on organization design choices, as well as the expected pipeline and launch activities
  • Results and Solutions
    By the end of the engagement, the client was able to accurately assess gaps in size, structure and functional roles, and forecast future requirements. These insights helped drive the client’s senior leadership discussions regarding the appropriate organization design to fulfill their mission.

Prescient’s analysis helped the client understand how its current resourcing capacity compared to that of its competitors, as well as the changes it needed to consider to address the evolving organizational needs.

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