Medical Strategy and Planning: Medical Planning

Prescient helped accelerate, assure and simplify the client’s annual medical affairs strategic planning across its solid tumor franchise.

  • Client Situation
    The client, a global oncology leader, sought to optimize its annual medical affairs strategic planning process and develop an engaging plan that would best showcase the areas of focus and the value add delivered by the global medical affairs team.
  • Prescient’s Approach
    Prescient helped the client refine its existing frameworks and templates for the annual medical affairs strategic plan by analyzing what went well and what could be improved from the plans developed in the prior year.

    Working in close collaboration with the leadership team, key stakeholders across the tumor groups were organized into working teams to ensure a collaborative and effective approach for content development.

    A comprehensive project plan that outlined the key milestones and meetings (e.g., regular check-ins, working sessions, etc.) was developed to ensure timelines were met and responsibilities were clearly articulated.

    Prescient facilitated multiple working sessions with the client to gather insights and ensure strategic alignment for content within the plan.
  • Results and Solutions
    Prescient collaborated closely with the client team to showcase the value of the medical affairs function. The medical strategic plans were communicated to internal stakeholders with a clear strategic rationale, a compelling story and the relevant narrative guidance for the country and regional teams.

    Prescient was able to raise the client organizational preparedness against growing competitive threats across various disease areas and help improve coordination and communication with the client’s strategic alliance partners.

The engagement enabled the client to drive high performance through enhanced global and country/regional coordination, more precise strategies for engaging scientific stakeholders and higher levels of preparedness against competitive treats to the franchise.

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