Our client, a global pharmaceutical company, had a biologic in development for the treatment of a condition with a large uncontrolled population. It partnered with Prescient to both understand the target patient pool where product uptake would be the highest, and to optimize the target product profile (TPP) for commercial success.

Shaping Decisions | Driving Value

Prescient conducted telephone interviews with physicians across the United States, Europe and Asia to identify and understand the extent of unmet needs within the area, assess the reactions to the TPP, and determine how the product compares with other competitors already in the market and those in the pipeline.

Our research identified that physicians viewed the current biologic on the market to be suitable only as a “last resort” or if the patient has severe uncontrolled disease. It was, however, the inability to provide consistent value, rather than a rejection of biologics in general, that was driving this. Overall, the physicians’ main focus was on reducing a particular element of the condition; therefore, highlighting the product’s strength in this area would be a key positive differentiator.

The client’s TPP was well received by physicians due to its trial results and indication for moderate-to-severe uncontrolled disease. They would consider prescribing it in up to 70% of these patients, which is a far larger pool than what the currently available biologic had been able to reach. However, cost and other access barriers were expected to have an impact on prescribing, so prescribing could be limited to patients with severe, uncontrolled disease.

The Prescient Advantage

The client was impressed by the project and the unique integrated methodology used to gain insights. Prescient helped the client build upon these initial insights by recommending the best strategic approach. The engagement for this brand started with market research and evolved into competitive intelligence, stress-testing assumptions and outputs, and workshops. This approach utilized all the evidence and insights gained to build a robust and refined strategy which would fully optimize the product’s commercialization.