Our client, a global pharmaceutical company, was planning to launch an immunology agent. Although competitor products in the therapy area were more efficacious, the client’s new agent had a more convenient route of administration, and clinical trials demonstrated it to be safer. Recognizing the need to create a brand that is positively differentiated from the competition, our client engaged Prescient to develop a positioning and messaging strategy that would communicate the safety and convenience benefits of its new agent in a way that would truly resonate with healthcare professionals in the 12 months prior to launch.

Shaping Decisions | Driving Value

After attending a two-day strategy workshop we conducted for the global brand team, the heads of medical affairs and market access requested that Prescient engage directly with their internal teams. The engagement began with an extensive analysis of market dynamics, competitor pressures and stakeholder behavior. The findings and conclusions were presented in the form of a briefing dossier that was circulated to the client’s global brand team, with the insights highlighting additional previously unknown differentiating opportunities.

Prescient then helped train the US medical science liaisons (MSLs) by designing a differentiating and robust clinical story that met physicians’ needs, and developing the necessary objection handlers, based on the previously garnered insights. Next, Prescient worked with the global market access team, developing a pricing strategy, and finally worked with three leading affiliates who proactively contacted us to help them prepare for their regional launches.

The Prescient Advantage

The immunology drug’s launch was extremely successful, with uptake exceeding both targets and expectations. The MSL team had been empowered to effectively communicate the product’s clinical value versus its competitors. During the second year after launch, the client surpassed its internal sales forecast. Prescient was praised for its role in the launch, and other areas of the client’s business subsequently formed a relationship with us.