Due to the increase in incidence of a particular disease worldwide, our client, a global pharmaceutical company, wanted to strengthen its future product portfolio to meet the needs of patients affected by this disease. The company partnered with Prescient to undertake a robust patient segmentation exercise to predict the level of need and the anticipated uptake within each segment of both marketed and pipeline products. The client also had a specific product in mind, so it was looking to understand the size of the opportunity represented by each segment.

Shaping Decisions | Driving Value

Prescient began the engagement by conducting a patient record audit to identify the clinical data and patient profiles that would generate meaningful and recognizable patient segments for healthcare professionals. Together, Prescient and the client also developed target product profiles (TPPs) to use when profiling segments and sizing future market opportunities. Using thousands of patient record forms generated from the data audit and the TPPs that had been developed, Prescient conducted online research with a range of relevant specialists to determine how appropriate each TPP was for each patient type and the likelihood of the specialists using each TPP in these patients.

After the online research, Prescient developed the optimal segmentation solution by interrogating the data using a range of statistical techniques. Prescient implemented an iterative approach to define the segments, which were measured against key questions so the client had a clear picture of their sizes and merits. The segmentation tool created as a result of the research was able to identify specific factors that were most likely to have an impact on business outcomes.

The Prescient Advantage

Prescient presented the final segmentation and additional insights from the online research at the beginning of a full-day workshop in collaboration with the client’s commercial team. Through this workshop, we were able to determine the opportunities that were of greatest interest and value to the client, understand the key target patients for the product of interest, and uncover the drivers and barriers that would exist when bringing the product to market.