Our global pharmaceutical client needed insights into the then-unknown biosimilars space and assistance in successfully defending its franchises. It engaged Prescient to undertake a worldwide project that would: 1) develop and maintain a landscape of biosimilars; 2) monitor the clinical and regulatory timelines of key biosimilar competitors; 3) identify the commercial launch strategies of competitors and their implications for the client; and 4) monitor changes in different countries’ pricing and reimbursement guidelines.

Shaping Decisions | Driving Value

To determine the impact of biosimilars on the client’s market, Prescient conducted a threat analysis that helped the tactical divisions within the brand team gauge and react to the competitive scenarios. Prescient then performed a yearly situational analysis, which helped the forecasting teams’ long-range planning for the franchises. These activities were complemented by an ongoing and in-depth market-specific analysis, with competitor activities mapped out in various countries. In addition, primary elicitation was undertaken to collect the opinions of key thought leaders and other stakeholders regarding potential biosimilars.

The Prescient Advantage

When the project was commissioned, biosimilars were an unexplored space with no analogs, no templates and no existing knowledge upon which to base decisions. This ongoing engagement helped our client develop an in-depth understanding of not just competitor activities in the biosimilar space but also the market reactions in each country. The timely and actionable insights from this project helped our client make appropriate decisions on messaging, marketing and budgetary issues and informed its decisions regarding life cycle management strategies to mitigate the threat posed by competitors. The client’s increased and granular understanding of the biosimilar space also helped in the strategic planning for future launches of its own biosimilars.