Our client, a global pharmaceutical company, was planning to launch a second-in-class biologic in a crowded market space. However, the market was facing a potential game changer with the launch of an oral option that posed a threat to all biologic therapies. The client partnered with Prescient to maximize its market potential and optimize its positioning and messaging, both against same-class competitors and the soon-to-launch oral competitor.

Shaping Decisions | Driving Value

Initially, Prescient conducted an in-depth comparative analysis of the launched and pipeline products deemed to be competition. This included an assessment of the differing clinical and commercial strengths and weaknesses of the competitors, their current and anticipated activities, and potential messages that could be offered in response to the client’s product.

Prescient then conducted telephone interviews with physicians in Europe, North America and Asia. The interviews focused on understanding physicians’ perceptions of different biologic options available, evaluating where these products fit in the treatment pathway, and reviewing physicians’ experience with them. These physicians were then shown a target product profile (TPP) for a product in development, to assess their interest and potential uptake, and determine where the product would sit in the treatment pathway.

The Prescient Advantage

Prescient presented the results of the comparative analysis and physician interviews to the client during a cross-functional positioning and messaging workshop, to allow the client to understand, anticipate and build a strategy to outmaneuver the key competitors at launch. During this workshop, Prescient and the client team confirmed current strategies, developed responses to potential issues, developed a value proposition and associated messaging, and gained deeper insights into how healthcare professionals would react to the product launch.

Afterward, Prescient conducted an internal workshop to refine and prioritize the outputs, ideas and recommendations generated during the cross-functional positioning and messaging workshop. Prescient then involved key affiliates to refine the strategic plans, help regionalize the global strategy and prepare a “case” together to demonstrate to senior management the rationale for allocating the required investment to execute the modified strategy.