Our global pharmaceutical client needed to prioritize launch regions for a biosimilar in a large and growing therapeutic area in terms of attractiveness and competition. It also sought an analysis of potential and existing competitors’ strategies. The client engaged Prescient to: 1) map the competitive landscape, including clinical development, regulatory timelines and strategy in regulated and emerging markets; 2) understand the intricate details of key environmental variables, including contracting and tendering practices, physician-payer relationship management, patient and physician support network needs, and device development and relevant regulations; and 3) prioritize markets in terms of epidemiology, regulatory and market access environment, and commercial and competitive conditions.

Shaping Decisions | Driving Value

We began the engagement by analyzing the competitive landscape, including direct and indirect competitors, originators and biosimilars. We then identified the various entry routes taken by competitors and their planned commercial strategies. Patient support services and physician outreach programs planned and deployed by competitors were monitored. Finally, we weighted each criterion and ranked the countries in terms of attractiveness to support investment decisions. We created a decision tree that helped the client answer the key questions that affect a brand’s launch. Prescient provided a dynamic threat-assessment dashboard, mapped unmet market needs of various countries, analyzed the entry strategies of each competitor by market, and recommended development, regulatory and commercialization strategies.

The Prescient Advantage

The therapeutic area required significant investment and extensive research to understand the key requirements, important barriers and actionable unmet needs. The decision tree was extremely useful and helped the client make informed decisions regarding which of the numerous and complicated markets it should target and prioritize. As a continuous hands-on partner, we provided key insights on the most attractive markets on which the client should focus. The client, therefore, did not need to hire country-specific executives to understand the local environment early on, and was able to invest resources in other, more immediate activities.