Our global pharmaceutical client needed a long-term partner who could deliver evidence-based insights to support the clinical, commercial and launch strategies of its neuroscience product. The client engaged Prescient to perform an in-depth analysis of competitor activity and also assess the regulatory situation to achieve commercial preparedness.

Shaping Decisions | Driving Value

The engagement began with an extensive analysis of competitors’ clinical trial designs and data, and comparative analyses with the client’s product. We then spoke with key opinion leaders regarding clinical development strategies and clinical data.
Following the clinical development assessment, we evaluated current treatment paradigms and gained insights into the evolving standard of care. We analyzed the competitors’ messaging, promotional, positioning and life cycle management strategies. We benchmarked competitors’ commercial preparedness, commercial models, patient service models and pricing strategies. Based on these analyses, we provided the client with market maps of the originators and the potential generic and biosimilar entrants and their strategies and made recommendations regarding development and commercialization, including regulatory strategy, messaging and counter-messaging strategies, and positioning and promotional strategies.

The Prescient Advantage

We constantly updated the client team regarding competitor activities and changes in the landscape. The comparative analysis of clinical trial designs and clinical data provided the team with up-to-date insights that enabled it to identify opportunities, modify its strategy to differentiate from competitors, and develop a clinical strategy to deliver a competitive edge.

The client’s messaging and especially its counter-messaging strategies were continually refined in response to the in-market activities of its competitors. Potential disruptors in the shape of generic and biosimilar entrants were identified and an early warning system was created. A benchmark of competitors’ commercial models allowed the client to refine its own model and approach.

We are now working with the client on a second-generation product for the same indication. The landscape has become much more crowded and the treatment paradigm much more complex. As a result, the engagement is more strategic in nature. Prescient will design a simulation workshop to determine the best strategy for launch in such a competitive market.