Baird’s 10th annual Global Healthcare Conference was held in New York on September 6-7, 2017 and featured nearly 100 presenting companies from around the world. Dr. Mark Little, President – North America and Dr. Arvind Raghunath, Vice Prescient attended this event on behalf of Prescient.

Executives from small- to mid-size companies presented information on their specific assets and how they create value in their respective markets. The Baird team organized “fireside” chats with the company executives covering the payer landscape, emerging competitive threats and/or unique product positioning – leaving no area left unasked. The Prescient takeaways reflect the developing story in the biotech sector for 2017: the strong sector-wide performance in the first half will be followed by specific company gains. These gains in the second half will be product- and asset-based, for companies that either demonstrated continued excellent performance on newly launched brands or benefitted from robust Phase II and/or Phase III clinical trial readouts. It was clear from the content of the presenting executives that biotech company C-suites understand the new commercialization challenges that have long been anticipated, and that payer positioning and market access strategies are taking on an ever-larger role. Understanding the future treatment landscapes is critical to positioning and access and ultimately superior product performance.

About Prescient:
Prescient partners with asset and brand leads to co-create successful product strategies. We shape decisions and drive value for our clients by understanding the future landscape and identifying measures of success, developing differentiating clinical and commercial value propositions, and creating value messages that resonate with the most relevant stakeholders.

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