Our client, a global pharmaceutical company, needed to identify opportunities in the EU5 countries for a first-in-class injectable product entering a crowded generic market. The client’s product was expected to obtain marketing authorization on the back of positive Phase III trials using surrogate endpoints and not hard clinical endpoints.

Shaping Decisions | Driving Value

Prescient began the engagement by gathering competitive intelligence to identify and profile products against which the client’s asset would be competing at launch. Then, using a combination of primary intelligence and internal clinical expertise, we built target product profiles (TPPs) of key competitor assets. Using native-language speakers, we were able to interview prescribers in all countries of interest to understand clinical guidelines and actual clinical practice.

Prescient then identified the most recent product reimbursed in the countries of interest in this space as well as payer decisions on the product. Finally, we interviewed key stakeholders to identify the steps in the patient journey.

The Prescient Advantage

Prescient’s insights allowed the client to recognize that a second-in-class product would enter the market sooner than expected and that the TPP of one of the key in-class competitors was targeting a much broader patient population. Our research also highlighted the importance of long-term clinical data to modify clinical guidelines in the EU5 markets and emphasized the significance of a competitive pricing strategy and demonstrating value beyond quality-adjusted life-year (QALY). The client used Prescient’s insights to inform the brand’s business plan for the following year.