By: Mackie Adoniadis Prescient is committed to respecting our clients’ privacy and personal data. Over the past few months, we have audited the personal data we hold and reviewed the processes we use. We are busy making changes to our systems and policies to incorporate the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) standards as they relate to our business.

What we have been working on

Our privacy policy has been updated to reflect what information is collected, how it is used and how we protect it in line with the GDPR principles. As privacy notices are living documents, ours will change and evolve as our company does.

We have also examined how we collect and store personal data from our website and reflected this in our cookies policy. We are seeking your consent on our forms and have made it easy for you to control the marketing communications you receive from us, putting you, the data subject, in charge.

Data protection is an ongoing responsibility and, at Prescient, we will be monitoring how the Information Commissioner’s Office interprets the regulation and making changes accordingly. We will continue to update our processor agreements and any necessary standard contractual clauses, keep our data protection records current, and complete relevant data protection impact assessments.

Prescient will continue to reinforce its technical and organizational measures to mitigate the potential risks of a data breach. This is an ongoing obligation that the company has made a priority in order to protect our employees, clients and suppliers. We will continue to revise our company policies and train our employees so that they can carry out their jobs to the highest standard.

The future of data protection

Although the future of data protection regulatory action is uncertain, individuals clearly want more control over their personal information. Prescient respects this wish and is pushing to be a leader in the area, for both ourselves and our clients.

Click here to learn more about the key changes under the GDPR on the official site of the EU. The full text of the legislation can be obtained here. If you have any questions about Prescient’s data protection and privacy practices, please email