Prescient will be in Basel for the 2019 Pharma CI Europe Conference and Exhibition on March 5-6, 2019.

On March 5 at 2:30 PM, Prescient will lead a podium presentation on:

Personalized Healthcare – Driving the Convergence between Pharma and IT

Personalized healthcare is a reality but still represents a paradigm shift for the pharmaceutical industry and is driving the convergence between pharma and information technology. Pharmaceutical companies need access to a wide range of reliable, relevant data to help them rapidly assess the best path forward for a particular project, trial design, commercial launch strategy, product differentiation or reimbursement negotiation in order to achieve the optimal outcome. New technologies are impacting the evolving landscape of personalized healthcare in the shape of companion diagnostics and convenient wearable devices, thereby not only making the collection of data important but also emphasizing that analysis of these collected data through the right technology is critical. Uptake and acceptance of expensive new therapies will improve if significant benefit to a particular patient segment can be demonstrated, resulting in the need for data granularity and an ability to filter large datasets with a deep background understanding of the disease and patient.

Prescient will address the challenges faced by pharmaceutical and biotech companies and the increasing demand for predictive analysis.

Dr. Raymond Donninger, Vice President, Head of Insights & Analytics
Dr. Aviral Maheshwari, Vice President 

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