Sidnee Pinho, Prescient’s US Chief Operating Officer, led a workshop at Rutgers University on February 1, 2019. 

Sidnee Pinho began the workshop by defining what a consultant does, and all the hats he/she must wear. A consultant is “a person who facilitates change and provides subject matter expertise, someone who provides advice”. In this workshop, the scope of consulting was limited to agencies that work with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, their clients, to help them make key business decisions. This simple definition was then expanded to include the many different hats that a consultant must wear. They must act as a:

  1. Problem definer
  2. Project manager
  3. Data searcher/creator
  4. Thought process organizer
  5. Quality controller
  6. Storyteller
  7. Relationship manager

“The consulting world is generally open to hiring fresh PhDs,” Sidnee told the workshop. Visit our careers page to uncover opportunities to join our Prescient team.

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