By: Dr. Mark Little

Prescient has conducted research among competitive intelligence (CI) stakeholders throughout the biopharmaceutical industry to identify the top challenges in CI and to highlight the strategic imperatives and actionable recommendations to face these challenges head-on. We developed a white paper to summarize the research and provide our insights and expertise.

Below, the challenges are provided in reverse rank order:

10. Creating the Space for New Opportunities
9. Balancing the Short- and the Long-Term Goals
8. Garnering Budgets
7. Earning and Keeping a Seat at the Table
6. Recruiting and Retaining the Right Talent
5. Conquering Information Overload
4. Managing Networks
3. Addressing the Potential of AI and ML
2. Delivering on Expectations
1. Explaining Ourselves

From these 10 challenges, we further identified and summarized six imperatives that respondents offered in specific response to the challenges that each faced.

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