Sad that COVID-19 is causing your favorite medical congresses to cancel?

Don’t be. Virtual congresses are delivering all your favorites, and you can attend in pajamas!

Tanya Casimiro, PhD and Malvika Saharya, OD

Is your life the space between ASCO and ASH? What about ATS and ERS? Do you feel that without a physical congress, you are losing an essential tool in understanding the dynamics of key markets? Have no fear; congress organizers are coming through and will be providing many of the congress events you are looking for, but in a virtual space.

As congresses begin announcing their virtual content, it is evident that we will still have access to the information needed to understand the implications of the latest developments in science, clinical data and trends. Several virtual congresses will be streaming digitally sponsored events (booths), online company presentations (industry-sponsored events), late-breaking data, posters and oral sessions.

Virtual congresses that have announced their content (as of March 24, 2020)

* There will be two AACR virtual meetings in 2020.
** ASCO’s full digital program will be announced and available on April 29, and the organizers will also host the ASCO20 Virtual Education Program in August 2020.

Our Intelligence & Insight teams customize their approach to meet your objectives

Prescient is working to maximize the value of medical meetings. Vigilance and communication are key, particularly as internal stakeholders are eager to learn what to expect in this unknown territory.

Virtual exhibitor booths will offer interesting opportunities for attendees to see messaging in a new light.

Answering these questions can deliver the insights needed to generate competitive strategies that differentiate you from your competitors and resonate with your stakeholders.

Our sophisticated intelligence-gathering techniques develop actionable insights on topics that matter to you

Even with all this content, there will be gaps compared to attending a congress in person. Prescient can effectively connect the dots and determine what our findings mean for you, your market and your competitors.

Key virtual congresses that have not announced their content (as of March 26, 2020)

Some congresses have announced the intent to go virtual, but organizers are still in the process of exploring virtual options (as of March 26, 2020).

Reach out to learn more about how we can support your virtual conference coverage needs.

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