Content and offerings are evolving – so should your approach to maximize insights

Ben Doran, MSc

Vice President, Prescient Intelligence & Insight

Tanya Casimiro, PhD

Engagement Manager

As conference organizers still have their missions to educate, collaborate and promote the highest possible patient care, we, at Prescient, aim to cover these virtual conferences to deliver the best and most impactful insights to our clients.

Has your conference planning evolved and are you ready to take on the virtual realm?

Curiosity and resilience will prevail. Prescient outlines our approach when planning for your success:

  • Create a More Detailed Project Plan
    Changing timelines and non-typical scheduling challenges need to be mapped and communicated efficiently.
  • Prepare for Rapid Reporting
    All content could be available on Day 1, or at the beginning of each day, increasing the need for rapid responses.
  • Find New Intel Gathering Avenues
    Typical channels for secondary and primary research will not be available, so a plan to generate deep insights will be required.

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