Prescient’s thought leaders address major shifts in the landscape and outline near-, medium- and long-term choices facing pharma strategy leaders

Dr. Debashish Talukdar

Global Head of Advisory at Prescient Healthcare Group

Dr. Rakesh Verma

President, EMEA and APAC, at Prescient Healthcare Group

The COVID-19 crisis has unleashed unprecedented upheaval and economic stress throughout the world. When we have the benefit of being able to look in the rear-view mirror, what will mark the difference between companies that charted a successful path through this storm and those that did not?

Companies’ past actions and “legacy” will play some part here, and perhaps so will “luck”, but, overwhelmingly, it will be the robustness of response to the immediate issues presented by the crisis and the ability to anticipate how they will play out in the long term that will have the greatest impact on business outcomes. Much like the coronavirus going through “minor drifts” until a “major shift” triggers a pandemic – like the one today – could we characterize business response and impact in a similar vein, with agile near-term drifts and a more transformative, perhaps lasting shift?

In this white paper we will:

  • Look at the top-level impact of COVID-19
  • Examine principles of how organizations should respond to the crisis in the near, medium and long terms
  • Determine which strategies will likely be successful in the coming months

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