In partnership with Biocom, Prescient will present a webinar on Wednesday, August 5, at 11:00 AM PDT.

A Critical Look – Finally, Value-Based Insights Fitting into the Biotech Culture
How to build a valuable business insights operation and deliver asset or brand differentiation for maximum valuation

Ben Doran, MSc
Vice President, Prescient Intelligence & Insight

Jeanne Penn, MSc
Associate Vice President, Prescient Intelligence & Insight

Biotech companies need to demonstrate the value of their asset(s) in order to optimize their partnerships or have a successful public offering. The market insights required to drive that valuation include a deep understanding of the market landscape, key unmet needs and how other molecules may fulfill those, and what a successful clinical trial design should look like.

Shaping your target product profile in light of the external environment is a critical success factor for maximizing the value of your asset and/or company.

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