Five Elements That Make Your Virtual Workshop Deliver Real Value

Dr. Paul Harney

President, North America

Virtual workshops have different planning requirements compared to similar events that might take place face to face. Prescient has produced a white paper that details five essential elements for running effective virtual workshops.

With COVID-19 shutdowns restricting movement, organizations that once ran in-person workshops are now having to host virtual workshops instead. As a result, they are quickly discovering that virtual workshops are very different experiences, and that what may work in person fails to deliver the same value in a virtual setting.

Prescient, which specializes in designing and delivering high-impact workshops for clients, has put together a how-to guide to the five elements that make virtual workshops deliver lasting benefits to the host organization through careful planning and faultless execution.

In this white paper, you will learn:

  • The strategies for overcoming the lack of eye contact between the moderator and participants
  • The optimum number of rehearsals you should conduct to ensure smooth running of the workshop
  • An overview of the most popular features among virtual platforms
  • The necessity of ambition in setting (and achieving) expectations for a virtual workshop

Download the white paper now to ensure that your next virtual workshop achieves the maximum value for your investment in time and human capital.