October 21, 2020, marks the Carnegie Council’s Global Ethics Day, but as far as Prescient is concerned, every day is “ethics day”. And although we embrace our responsibilities to comply with legal requirements, contractual obligations and internal policies, our actions are fundamentally driven by our shared value of “Respect” and our commitment to act with integrity in our interactions with clients, suppliers, sources and each other.

How do we embed ethical behavior within Prescient?

  • Compliance function: Our dedicated Compliance team is available to address stakeholder concerns and investigate potential incidents
  • Code of Ethics: Our industry-leading Code of Ethics is updated regularly to set clear expectations for our research teams
  • Training: We deliver ethics training as a core element of each employee’s induction and then regularly thereafter in refresher sessions
  • Internal guidelines: Our well-documented employee policies and Code of Conduct are strictly enforced
  • Client guidelines: We pass on specific requirements imposed by a client to all employees assigned to that client’s projects
  • IT infrastructure: Our security features and user-access-restricted folders ensure that confidential materials are protected at all times

We refuse to compromise when it comes to doing things the right way.