Ben Doran, MSc

Vice President, Prescient Intelligence & Insight

Jeanne Penn

Associate Vice President, Prescient Intelligence & Insight

In this white paper, Ben Doran and Jeanne Penn draw on their experiences in the pharmaceutical field to explain how insights can be targeted to maximize the return on investment. This is critical in the biotech business because focusing on meaningful differentiation sets the foundation for value creation.

We go through four case studies looking through the different stages of the product life cycle:

  • How CLIENT 1, an ex-US, ex-EU biotech company, found that opportunities for its technology were more dependent on the patient types and partnered with another company to achieve series A funding (being valued at $500 million) within the year.
  • How CLIENT 2, a large biotech company, conducted a deep-dive on its competitors’ drug developments, improved cross-functional alignment within the company and used its window of exclusivity for a new drug to achieve above-forecast revenues.
  • How CLIENT 3, a small biotech company, discovered the value of building patient support programs, enabling the company to punch above its weight with its rare disease product.
  • How CLIENT 4, a large biotech company, came from a starting position of zero market research to create potential future scenarios to plan post-launch strategies and achieved revenues approximately 70% higher than forecast.

Download the white paper now to examine the strategies that four clients used to achieve beneficial outcomes in demonstrating the importance of developing value-based insights.