Peter Donachie


Kevin Baruzzi

Vice President

The European market has opportunities, but the wrong approach could leave value on the table. Prescient’s guide will steer you to make the best decisions for your asset.

In this white paper, we examine 10 key essential elements that every US biotech company should consider when planning European market entry:

  1.    Protect IP and Patents
  2.    Understand the Regulatory Approval Process
  3.    Choose the Right Entry Model
  4.    Select the Right Go-It-Alone Structure
  5.    Gather Country-Specific Payer Requirements
  6.    Research and Test Country-Specific Pricing
  7.    Engage Effectively with Payers
  8.    Optimize Launch Sequencing and Marketing
  9.    Establish an Effective Supply Chain
  10.    Think Global – Act Local

Learn how to overcome cultural, political and access obstacles; understand the pros and cons of entry strategies, from partnerships to going it alone; and get insights on pricing across European nations. Download the white paper now to find out how to navigate a successful launch in a complex European market.