Ben Doran, MSc

Vice President

Dr. Aviral Maheshwari

Vice President

Nishika Bhan

Associate Director

China represents huge opportunities – and risks. Prescient has gathered thought leaders for a roundtable discussion on the approaches that Western pharma companies may consider as they explore a market unlike any other.

Western pharma companies are keen to access the opportunities offered by China, which has been reforming its approach to healthcare. Some companies are already realizing the huge potential in China, and it is important to know which strategies will be effective in the market.

Prescient has put together a panel of experts to share their insights.

Their world-class combination of expertise, experience and research will help you understand how the market works in China and how to position your company to take advantage of the country’s particular needs.

In this white paper you will learn:

  • Which Western pharma businesses have been particularly successful in China and how
  • What Chinese companies expect from their partnerships with Western companies
  • How policies such as 70:30 work in practice

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