Shirin Ahmed

Associate Vice President

Dr. Erica Carlisle

Vice President

Andrea Ramirez


In this white paper, Prescient sets out a roadmap for Medical Affairs’ launch excellence strategy to boost a product’s success and create a valuable long-term asset for a company.

As the authors of this white paper say, “Launch readiness is a team sport.”

Medical Affairs is well positioned to engage early with Commercial and Clinical teams to contextualize the healthcare ecosystem for successful product launches. A recent survey conducted in 24 life sciences companies showed that Medical Affairs was responsible for driving six out of 11 launch activities. With Medical Affairs playing such a crucial role in the final market success of a product, this white paper has been created to provide a roadmap for launch excellence. Through the expertise of Prescient’s Shirin Ahmed, Associate Vice President of Real-World Evidence and Medical Affairs Excellence, Dr. Erica Carlisle, Vice President of Advisory, and Andrea Ramirez, Advisory Analyst, this white paper looks at how and when Medical Affairs should become engaged in the drug development process.

In this white paper, you will learn:

  • Areas in which Medical Affairs should take on early leadership roles to support early launch preparations
  • Drivers for Medical Affairs’ launch readiness success
  • Medical Affairs’ responsibilities for late product development, including developing a medical narrative for a product to address the key needs of the medical community

Launching a drug is not easy – many highly capable companies experience challenges with launches every year. Medical Affairs should be on the front lines of engaging with the medical community, understanding the successes and challenges as they unfold and helping the broader organization evolve as needed.

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