Diane Whelan, Head of Learning and Development at Prescient, will present at the 23rd People Development Summit in Sitges, Barcelona, on March 8-10, 2023.

The summit brings together senior L&D decision makers across a variety of sectors and aims to help them achieve the learning and development goals they have set out for their company in the most effective way.

In her presentation, Diane will discuss:

  • The difference between a ‘training’ culture that can be seen as the panacea to all ills in some organizations, and an L&D culture that yields growth and has a real, significant and lasting impact
  • How investing in learning and development is a strategic lever for achieving organizational success and growth
  • Possible strategies for making learning organic, encouraging and empowering people to seize opportunities and run with them
  • The future of learning, and where L&D can have the most impact

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