Iswarya Srinivasan


Larissa Kaczaniuk


Dr. Christian Wasmer


RLT is a targeted therapy with the potential to treat oncology patient populations with high unmet need, but how can it be made accessible to these patients?

The number of people being diagnosed with cancer could increase by up to 18% by 2040. Advances in prevention, early detection, diagnosis and treatment are improving patient outcomes, but there is still a lot more to do. For some cancer types, there is a significant unmet need for targeted therapies that can be administered at different stages. Each year, new cancer treatments are investigated and launched to address this need. Radioligand therapy (RLT) is one of these emerging treatment methods. By delivering cytotoxic radiation into the close vicinity of targeted cancer cells, it offers a novel and personalized approach to cancer treatment.

In this white paper, we will review:

  • The global market outlook and opportunity for RLT
  • Current RLT therapeutic applications in oncology
  • RLT’s potential in personalized medicine
  • How RLT may change the way we treat cancer

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