Vault has published its industry rankings for 2023 based on the results of the 2022 EMEA and North American surveys. We are delighted to see Prescient recognized in the top rankings across a few categories.

North America Highlights

Best Consulting Firms for International Opportunities: Ranked 17
Best Boutique Consulting Firms: Ranked 43

EMEA Highlights

Vault Consulting 25 EMEA: Ranked 22
Best Consulting Firms in EMEA for Women: Ranked 3
Overall Diversity: Ranked 4

Vault’s Verdict

New to our survey, but not our radar, Prescient is a firm that has been generating attention within the biopharmaceutical space for its development and commercialization capabilities, as well as its strong roster of clients.

Having now had an opportunity to hear from insiders for the first time, we’re happy to report that this is a firm that seems to live up to the image it portrays: employees on the whole seem satisfied with most aspects of day-to-day life, as well as the opportunity to work with leading brands in the sector.

The firm’s culture is consistently described as flat, collaborative and supportive, with plenty of learning and stretch opportunities for those who want them—even from early in a consultant’s career. This creates an environment where all voices can be heard by senior leaders, and where mentors—or mentorship opportunities—abound. And, yes, compensation gets a thumbs up too.

While a little more external brand recognition wouldn’t go amiss, there are few reasons for the biopharma-minded not to consider checking out Prescient as a potential career option.

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