We are thrilled to announce that Strategic North, part of Prescient Healthcare Group, won the ‘Best Customer Insight Approach’ and ‘Best Patient-Centric Approach’ categories and was awarded runner-up in the ‘Best Newcomer’ category at this year’s Best of British Intelligence (BOBI) Awards on June 12 at the British Healthcare Business Intelligence Association (BHBIA) Annual Conference in London.

The BOBI Awards recognize excellence in market research, analytics and fieldwork in the UK that helps to make a difference to patients’ and healthcare professionals’ lives. With more than 250 individuals contributing to the BOBI entries across eight categories we are proud our teams won in two of those categories and were runner up in another category.

Best Customer Insight Approach Award:
Shining a Light on the Inequality of Cancer Outcomes Across the UK

Numerous publications have identified healthcare inequalities based on education, socioeconomic background, region and more. This manifests clearly in cancer, but the human impact is often misunderstood. Despite the vast amounts of research conducted into these disparities, we identified a lack of representation of the patient voice as hindering understanding of the nuanced nature of the wider issues. By gathering insights from under-represented, hard-to-reach groups, we were able shine a light on the lived experiences and stories of patients, validated in a large quantitative study. These insights have fed directly into a nationwide campaign seeking to address the inequalities highlighted in the research.
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Best Patient-Centric Approach Award:
Rebooting a Brand Campaign in Oncology through the Nuanced Understanding of a Target Customer Persona

In 2020, Strategic North, in partnership with BMS UK, developed a suite of actionable HCP personas in an oncology indication. By 2022, internal feedback indicated that customer beliefs and behaviors had evolved in the largest persona. Strategic North was re-commissioned to develop a new, more nuanced view of a single persona. The findings gave BMS a broadened understanding of these customers and enabled the company to optimize the omnichannel customer journey.
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Best Newcomer Award:
Runner-up, Emma Brooks

The prestigious BOBI Best Newcomer showcases the excellent skills and knowledge of exceptional individuals making a mark in the first three years of their careers in business insights.
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