Planning for the complexities of regulatory nuances with appropriate internal investment sets the foundation for a successful Expanded Access Program (EAP) strategy

Katy Chun

Vice President

Dr. Olga Fidalgo González

Associate Vice President

Dr. Friederike Winter

Engagement Manager

Caroline Magann


Global Early Access Programs (EAPs) can be a valuable component of an innovative product strategy, as they provide high-need patients with access to novel therapeutics; however, designing an effective global EAP strategy is complex. The many variables – internal company resources, multiple stakeholder requirements and different countries’ rules and regulations – require multiple decision points and cross-functional coordination during planning.

In this white paper, we look at the impact of EAPs and outline a selection of key considerations to craft a successful EAP strategy that helps to identify feasible pathway options and support appropriate decision making.

This white paper explores:

  • The impact of EAPs on a product’s ecosystem
  • A case study review of EAP success stories
  • Key complexities and factors to consider when developing a successful EAP strategy

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