Prescient Healthcare Group supported Incyte Biosciences Iberia in executing ImPATH (IMprove PATient PATHway in DLBCL), a project that engaged a multidisciplinary team of experts to assess the patient care pathway for DLBCL in Spain.

ImPATH identified 19 areas for improvement across different stages of the pathway, including expedited diagnosis and improved coordination between centers to facilitate optimal treatment. These improvements, their implications and implementation strategies are summarized in seven key ideas that represent significant and actionable interventions in the DLBCL patient care pathway.

We would like to express our gratitude to the patients and multidisciplinary team of hemato-oncology experts who have made this project possible. Their dedication and commitment to improving the lives of patients are greatly appreciated.

The following individuals comprised the Prescient Healthcare Group team that supported Incyte Biosciences Iberia:

  • Olga Fidalgo González: Associate Vice President
  • David Hurtado Niubò: Engagement Manager
  • Sofía Bardají Ortiz: Senior Analyst
  • Carmina Pallàs Nomen: Senior Analyst

Download your free copy of “ImPATH Project” (Spanish version) to learn more about potential areas and actions for improvement in the DLBCL care pathway in Spain.

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