Challenges, Initiatives and Sidebar Views on ChatGPT from Prescient’s 2023 Survey, the Fifth in Our Series.

Dr. Mark Little

Senior Vice President

Prescient’s fifth annual white paper on strategic imperatives in Competitive Intelligence (CI) is available to download now.

Our new white paper is a valuable resource that offers a snapshot of the most prominent challenges and initiatives in the ever-evolving field of CI.

Now in its fifth year, Prescient’s research study on strategic imperatives in CI collects feedback from thought leaders across the CI space, from legacy players at the major firms to the industry’s foremost innovators and disruptors.

Download this white paper to learn:

  • The top eight challenges for CI professionals in 2023
  • The key CI initiatives, either planned or in play, to address these challenges
  • The evolving landscape of CI in the digital age

The 2023 Strategic Imperatives in Competitive Intelligence Report is your unmissable guide to the issues that will shape CI in the pharmaceutical industry as we enter 2024.

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